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What you’ll find here.

The digital archive is an organic site that will continue to grow as we add more and more content. Click on the tabs in the top bar for each individual collection. If you have material you think should be added to the collection, please contact the Library Director at 860-210-3822. 


To Search Tabards:

You can search Tabards by year or volume number. From this page, go to the “Search Bar” in the top right hand corner. Type in the word “Tabard” and the year or volume number of the issue you’re interested in.

Or, click on the Tabard tab at the top of the page and scroll down all the volumes until you find the one you’re looking for.


Finding the Right Volume/Year

To find the volume or year you’re looking for, type either the year you’re interested in, or the volume number if you know it, in the Search Box in the top right hand corner.

Alternatively, you can click on The Tabard tab in the top bar, and scroll down all the issues until you find what you’re interested in.


To Search Within Individual Tabards:

Download the issue you’re interested in as a pdf. Then, using the Search Box in the top right hand corner, you can search within that issue. For instance, if you are looking for a specific name, you can type the name in. If you’re looking for a particular athletic event, you can type in its name. The responses will be highlighted.



Many, but not all, of the people in the photos have been identified. If you are looking for photos of a particular person, you can type the person’s name in the Search Box. If photos of that person don’t appear, you may have to scroll through the photos individually to find what you’re looking for.


To Search Athletics:

This is a collection of photos organized by sport. To find a photo you might be interested in, click on the Athletics tab above and scroll to the sport.

Please note that most photos did not have captions, so people remain unidentified. If a caption was available it will appear near the photo, but they are often difficult to read. If anyone is familiar with the people in the photos and can identify them, please feel free to contact the Library Director.


Student Life 

Currently some student club photos are available. You can search by typing in the club name, or by scrolling through the photos. Search plays by date or by title, or scroll through the photos.





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